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RADIO: the power of voice


KWPC/Vintage Sound | Jamie Hopkins & Team

provide internship & training, credit alignment

East Campus | Youth in Broadcast Students​

remote broadcasts, guests/morning shows, announce commercials, create and announce PSAs & schedule interviews

Currently, three students are collaborating with phenomenal staff at KWPC & Vintage Sound 93.1 in Muscatine, Iowa as part of the Youth in Broadcast program. Some of their opportunities have included remote broadcasts, morning show appearances, interviews, writing commercials & PSAs, finding members in the community to participate in community discussions. The staff assist students in areas of speaking and listening, writing, and reading skills. Students feel very much a part of the staff, as the positive climate is conducive to a rigorous yet fueling environment. The benefits have been endless.

Aligning the Iowa Core Literacy and 21st Century standards, the tasks/activities students perform provide them an authentic platform and genuine learning opportunities in areas of literacy and 21st Century skills.

SAMPLE of student created PSA's

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